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I would like to give you  "Free Feng Shui Tips" that you can use right now. These tips will get you started on your Feng Shui journey. Please contact Trish to let us know what tips would be most useful to you.

Free Feng Shui Tip September 2009

Free Tip of the Month - August 2009

Subject: Attracting New Relationships

Free Tip: When you desire a new relationship, use peach colored sheets on your bed. The color peach will attract new partners. You can then pick the one that is right for you.

Subject: Attracting Good Health

Free Tip: A bowl of 9 oranges, placed where you can see them as you walk in the front door, will attract health and well-being.

Subject: Attracting a New Job

Free Tip: To attract a new career, hang a metal wind chime in the career area of your home,  The career area is the center of the front of your home facing your the front door.  Mentally divide the home into 9 equal squares.  The front, center square is the career area.  Hang the metal wind chime in the career area either inside or outside.. Ring  it 27 times visualizing your perfect career. Then leave it hanging.

Subject: Increasing Opportunities

Free Tip: Use your front door. Many of us enter and leave our homes through other means. Your front door is where opportunities come to you and when you don't use it you are limiting yourself on many levels. So use your front door at least several times a week.

Subject: Increasing Wealth

Free Tip: The wealth area of your bedroom is a great place to start. Stand in your doorway facing in, the upper left corner is the Wealth area of your bedroom. Place a plant in this area to increase wealth. The plant can be real (best) or silk but never plastic.

Subject: Selecting the best site for a new home.

Free Tip: The first thing you want to look for is the "Health and Harmony" of the area and the site you are considering. The grass should be green, plants and trees healthy as well as animals and birds.

Subject: Attracting Positive energy to your home or work place

Free Tip: Place fresh flowers where they are visible when you walk in. This enlivens the space and gives everyone a boost when they see them.

Subject: Stress Reduction

Free Tip: Sit quietly in a spot that is calming to you and focus on your breathing. If you can not go to a spot like this then visualize your "serenity spot". In as little as five minutes you will feel calmer, less stressed.

Subject: Attracting Recognition

Free Tip: Wear the color red and people will be instantly attracted to you.



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